Saturday, April 26, 2008

Title Tag Importance

Title Tag is Single most important ON Page Optimization factor that has potential to push ranks for specific keywords. There are no. of key tips to make your HTML Title Tag Attribute completely Search Engine Friendly. Following few things should be kept in mind while writing Title Tags for your web pages:

1. Length of Your Title:- Keeping Google guideline in mind keep your title length accordingly not more than 70 chars including spaces.

2. Words closeness/Proximity:- Search Engines do bother about all these minor factors like how close your key phrases occur in your web page. So while targeting long tail keywords do take care and pay special attention to closeness of key phrases.

3. Human Readable format:- your title should not reflect any kind of artificial or robots look...that mean you should develop your titles keeping human visitors thinking perspective in mind and not only Search engines.

4. Repetitions:- Take full advantage of Title Length, so do not repeat same keywords again and again that also seems to have a more kind of Spammy Look. So keep your Titles Unique, Human readable and Search engine Friendly.

5. Priority for Keywords:- If you are looking to target 2-3 keywords in single Title tag of your web page, then order in which these keywords will be placed also makes difference. Try to put put most competitive keyword on front then lesser competitive and so on....

6. Keywords Selection:- While writing titles only target those keywords which supports your entire web page. Page relevant titles usually considered as more search engine friendly and have better chances to perform well on SERPs.

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