Saturday, February 20, 2010

SEO implications of Google Buzz

Google Buzz a completely new and rapidly growing Google's baby. Benefits are enough apart form entertainment like apart from static status updates you can share videos instantly and post link to pics and much more...

There is something serious attached with Google buzz from Search Engine Optimization point of view.

For all SEO pros Google Buzz can be exciting application and the most important aspects lies in:

1. To start with I'd define Google Buzz as below:
You Tube + Twitter + Flickr + picasa = GOOGLE BUZZ
Yes, its an application based on combination of You Tube, Twitter, Flickr and picasa.

2.The trust factor gives Priority that Google Buzz retains because its one of Google's production & definitely you have edge on it in Google Search Engine at least.

3.The fantastic 'auto-following' capability of Google to all those people you chat most, you mail most on your Google account- its more a kind of process that grows vi-rally. Its latest viral growing feature presented by Google that will expand automatically and all it needs is ignition at instant in beginning.

4. You can make your buzz public to the entire WORLD or you can keep it private to the smaller/close group you want. Fastest way to share worldwide with increased chances of fastest publicity as compare to other internet resources available to publicize something.

5. Built in capability to connect Flickr, Picasa, Twitter and Google Reader.

6.Get recommend from friends and world if you deserve. Moreover stay on top with friends by connecting Google Buzz to your phone.

7.No additional set up required to get started it's automatically embedded in Google account.

So what you are waiting for start using Buzz today

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Free Download Tally 9.2 Software for Accounting

Looking for advanced Tally software. then it can be very useful post to you. I have searched a lot and reached to location where i have found latest Tally 9.2 version.

Here is link:

I hope this will help you.

-Garry L

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Earn through Blogging

Hi guys!!

Back again, well being long time but back with some wonderful information once again for you guys benefit from blogging. Earn as much as you can through your blogs.

Yes!! that's true you heard it correct...You can make money from your blogs. Its very simple and few steps process. so follow me and start earning today:

Most of people prefer blogging as their ultimate destination for sharing and promoting their stuffs. Nowadays a quick survey debates that around 80K+ people create blogs on daily basis to promote themselves or to share whatever they like.

Business owners want to take benefit out of these and they want that their information should be promoted through your blogs but subjected to their approval. Once they approve your blog/website you can start earning money from those business owners or big fishes.

Here is a quick link that can help you to read more about how to earn from your blog. Here you go:

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Title Tag Importance

Title Tag is Single most important ON Page Optimization factor that has potential to push ranks for specific keywords. There are no. of key tips to make your HTML Title Tag Attribute completely Search Engine Friendly. Following few things should be kept in mind while writing Title Tags for your web pages:

1. Length of Your Title:- Keeping Google guideline in mind keep your title length accordingly not more than 70 chars including spaces.

2. Words closeness/Proximity:- Search Engines do bother about all these minor factors like how close your key phrases occur in your web page. So while targeting long tail keywords do take care and pay special attention to closeness of key phrases.

3. Human Readable format:- your title should not reflect any kind of artificial or robots look...that mean you should develop your titles keeping human visitors thinking perspective in mind and not only Search engines.

4. Repetitions:- Take full advantage of Title Length, so do not repeat same keywords again and again that also seems to have a more kind of Spammy Look. So keep your Titles Unique, Human readable and Search engine Friendly.

5. Priority for Keywords:- If you are looking to target 2-3 keywords in single Title tag of your web page, then order in which these keywords will be placed also makes difference. Try to put put most competitive keyword on front then lesser competitive and so on....

6. Keywords Selection:- While writing titles only target those keywords which supports your entire web page. Page relevant titles usually considered as more search engine friendly and have better chances to perform well on SERPs.

SEO & Internet Marketing Specialist

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

SEO Tools

I'm going to share with al of you huge collection of SEO Tools that can really help you all doing optimization of web sites.

With help of these Tools you can cut down your manual working hours on making reports related to stuffs like: keyword analysis, Competitors analysis, Domains Analysis and so on...

Tools Related To Domains
Basic Domain Analysis:-

This will offer you: TLD Availability, Domain Name: , Status: , Registrar:, Whois Server:, Referral URL:, Expiration Date: , Creation Date: , Last Update Date:, Name Servers: , IP Address: , IP Location:, Website Status:, Server Type: , Alexa Trend/Rank:, Page Views per Visit: , Cache Date: , Registrant: , Contact info of Domain

2. Server Information:

3. Domain Way Back Check tool: This tool will give you detailed view of sites way back history. From day of creation to till date how your/any site has gone through different phases.

Keyword Research & Analysis
1. Keyword Suggestion Tools:

2. Keyword Density Analysis:

Competitors analysis Tools
To check out how you competitors are performing on major search engines go for this:

Page Rank Check
To check Page rank or trust rank go for these:

Reciprocal Link Checking Tool:

Back Link check tool:Offer you all the back link along with Anchor Text, PR and Outbound links on that page.

Meta Tags Analysis:

Tools for Different Google Data Canters
In order to check your PR, Indexed Pages, Back Links and so on ...ON different Google Data Centers check out these:

Check SERPs on GOOGLE:
This is very important Tool that will let you know about your web site performance on GOOGLE i.e for which keyword you are doing TOP on GOOGLE.

SiteMap Generator Tools
1. XML sitemaps: Maximum 500 pages will be indexed in sitemap. Both HTML and XML Sitemaps & Text Sitemaps as well.

2. A1 Sitemap Generator: Unlimited Pages. Both HTML and XML Sitemaps

"Do Remember to Update Your Bookmarks List if you find this informative. USE Bookmarks button available on Top Right Corner.


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Friday, February 1, 2008

Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo for 44.6 billion dollars

Microsoft Corp has made an unsolicited offer to buy Yahoo Inc for $44.6 billion in cash and stock, seeking to join forces against Google Inc in what would be the biggest Internet deal since the Time Warner-AOL merger.

In its boldest-ever acquisition move, Microsoft said on Friday it offered $31 per share for Yahoo, or a 62 per cent premium over the Internet media company's closing stock price on Nasdaq Thursday.

Yahoo, whose shares jumped to $30.75 in pre-market trading, confirmed on Friday that it had received an unsolicited bid from Microsoft Corp to acquire the company and that its board of directors would consider the $44.6-billion deal.

Yahoo said in a statement that its board would evaluate the proposal “carefully and promptly in the context of Yahoo’s strategic plans and pursue the best course of action to maximize long-term value for shareholders.”

Microsoft shares, which have a market capitalisation of about $300 billion, fell 6 per cent to $30.78. Speculation over a Microsoft move on Yahoo has swirled for at least a year, as investors wondered whether the two would seek a joint stand against an ever more powerful Google.


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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Basics Elements Of Google SERPs

This is very common topic does not contains any out of box information but still I just thought of sharing with all of you basic elements of Google SERPs.

Google SERPs

1.Title:- This element is fetched from Page Title Attribute of Website.
2.Snippet:- This is basic introduction which is fetched from web page depending upon query.
There is no hard and fast rule that information will be fetched from Meta Description Tag Only.
Sometimes this information is fetched from DMOZ web directory if website is listed on DMOZ , this happens mostly if Google does not find appropriate information from web page of site corresponding to particular query.Then they prefer DMOZ info.
3. URL:- This is exactly the same URL that Google has found from its database that contains most appropriate information as per query entered by user. This can be any inner page of website or home page as well.
4. Page Size:- Google SERPs display page size of all the results returned by Google corresponding to entered Query.
5. Cached Info:- This is Google Cached snapshot link that reflects Google Bot's Last visit to respective web page.
6. Similar Pages:- This will display all the websites that have same theme and are most relevant to a particular site.
7. Site Links:- This is most important vital feature of Google in ORGANIC Results that they offer additional Bonus to Quality sites by offering them up to 8 site links that will be displayed along with your normal listing in Google SERPs. These links simply displays most Quality / Valued pages from your website as per selected by GOOGLE.
See the difference instead of Just Single result in GOOGLE SERPs your are getting getting 8 more extra pages from website that will be displayed to users that helps them to navigate easily through your website's most popular areas.

How these Site Links can Be Generated:- Most of Guys consider this as their Luck.

My experience about site links is somewhat different:

Domain/Site should be aged & genuine(Theme) enough to gain Google trust.
Smart Navigation on Footer can play a bit of role to gain site links.
So Design your footer like: Pick some highly informative(Quality Content) pages from your site and place them under smart Anchors on Footer and use it throughout your site.

Good No. One way back links corresponding to these anchors will do rest for you.

Stock Quote

8.Google Maps/ Stock Quotes:- For some queries you will notice the plus sign (Click + sign to expand further) within some Google SERPs that started showing up next to invitations to map an address or get a stock quote a month ago. All these features added by Google to go beyond users query terms and provide real relevancy by using complex algorithms .
Stock quotes
Google Maps reflects address location of particular business, one can relate their own Google Maps its free and quite easy.
Google Stock Quote produces graphical representation of valuable information for particular business body .

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