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SEO From Scratch...


Technical Definition of SEO?

Short for search engine optimization, the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a Web site by ranking high in the search results of a search engine. The higher a Web site ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that that site will be visited by a user.

SERPs :- Search Results are also reffered as SERPs (Search engine Result Pages).

Classification of SEO:

  1. ON Page Optimization
  2. OFF Page Optimization

ON Page Optimization:- On Page involves the various activities that can be performed to your site itself.On-page optimization involves : (everything from top of the page to end bottom)

a. URL changes like converting dynamic Urls (which include query string like ? , & these characters can be present there ) to static HTML based urls , these static urls are also known SE friendly URLS.

b. Modify Title,try to include most Competitive Keyword in title as this the only One element that is considered very seriously by SE's. And helps in Better SERPs.

c. Prepare Appropriate Meta Tags.

The limits are as specified:
Title tag = 80 characters (including spaces)
Meta Keyword tag = 256 characters (Including spaces)
Meta Description tag = 156 characters (Including spaces)

d. Content of the Page Should be SE friendly means your targeted keywords should be present in content of your page.

e. Proper Use of h Tags..Like use H1 for main Headings , h2 for Sub heading , h3...and so on... Hierarchy should be correct as this is considered as SE friendly.

f. Avoid HTML Frames which some search engines find hard to navigate, use Style Sheets (CSS) instead.

g. Description of Image
Optimize Image alternate-text tags (ALT tags), For every image on page try to describe it properly so that visitors should understand from image itself what this is all about..and if possible utilise your keywords here by properly embedding them in ALT tags.

h. Keep pages to less than 100 kilobytes and preferably not much more than a screen full of text.

i. Avoid Javascript and Flash as maximum as possible coz SE doest like them they like on Simple HTML Format.

j. Search engines also like fresh content and will spider this more frequently. A regularly updated news page, even a blog, can provide deep links to the rest of the website.

k. You should take care of Keyword Density : the ratio of the number of occurrences of a particular keyword or phrase to the total number of words in a page.
You should not dense any Keyword to much in a page otherwise that will be considered as Spam.

l. Keep the no. of outbound links on a page not more that 50 -60 and those should related to theme of your site.

In Short ON Page Summarizes:

  • Keyword Density

  • Words in Title Tag

  • Words in the Page

  • Words in Links

  • Words in Headings

  • Words in Bold

  • Beginning Words

  • Words in URL

  • Meta Tags (some engines)

  • HTML Validation

  • Link Structure

  • "Indexability" of the page

  • and Hundreds of Other Factors

OFF Page Optimization: Involves various activities that will be performed off line that mean you do not have to perform anything on your site itself.

1. Link Building :- (Reciprocal and One Way)

Classification of Links:

A. Inbound Links:- When someone has placed a link in his site, that when clicked, points to our site is called Inbound link . That mean its coming to us from some one.

B. Outbound Links:- When we will place a link in our site, that when clicked, will point to some other site is called Outbound link.

Back links:- Back links are "the most" important thing in search engine ranking. This is for the sole reason that search engines consider each Back links as a "vote" to your site. The greater the number of votes, the higher your ranking. The number and quality of Back links if by far the most important ranking factor in Google.

Back links can be further classified into the following:

Authority Links: Link from the theme related authority site.

Directory Links: Directory links refer to the links that are obtained from directories. Directory links are also important for search engine rankings as they are more relevant and themed links.

The main directories that one should strive to get links from are and Yahoo Directory. These two directories have the highest authority and links from these helps a lot to improve ones search engine rankings.

DMOZ:- Directory Mozilla is also called personnel directory of Google.

If your site gets listed in this Directory then this can really have very good serious fact on your Google SERPs.

Reciprocal Links: Reciprocal link exchange is the best strategy for any new site to gain back links. In this type of link building, you get a link from a site in return of a link from your site to theirs.

Nowadays Google Devalues these Reciprocal that is the reason you can see most of clients prefer One Way Link only.

Paid Links: Paid links or Run of Site links refer to all those links that you have bought. Such links are heavily devalued by Google and you should refrain from getting such links as they might hurt your site's trust rank and quality score.

One Way Links:- When Someone has listed your site and has given you back link but you have not given back link from the primary , instead you have given Back Link (BL) from some third party site or directory is called one way link. One-way links are valued highly by search engines.

The entire process is called One Way Link Building.

3 way Link OR Triangular Links:- These are also an sort of one way links with a little distinction that here you will not give (Back Link)BL from directory but from some theme relevant site. Consider this example:

Site A:- education
Site B:- education
Site C:- education

Now A and B site are your and you want to exchange link for your site A with C.
What you need is that C should place your link and in return you will give BL from B (mind it not from A)

This type of link is called 3 way link and the entire process is called 3 way link building.

2. Article Submission:- Articles are the one of the important source of obtaining One way links and they also help to make your site content relevant.
->You can write a well formatted Article related to theme of your site and you can embed your targeted keywords in this. For most competitive keywords you can perform repetition.
->You can embed Hyper links for your site inside the Article under various Heading starting with new paragraph.
->You can embed Hyper links for your competitive Keywords As Well.
Once the Article is ready you can submit it to various Article Submission Sites that are available free online. Once your article is submitted , it will take some time to get approved by moderator so keep checking after 5-7 days regularly to see when your article gets published .

3. Press Release:- A public relations announcement issued to the news media and other targeted publications for the purpose of letting the public know of company developments.
->You can Participate in press releases which is again a source of obtaining One Way links.
->Rest procedure is same as Article Submission.

4. Anchor Texts:- Anchor text is the text that is hyper linked while linking to a site.(When you ll click on Anchor text it will take to you to a site that address u will mention).
Keywords present in anchor texts are heavily valued by search engines for ranking that site against that keyword/ key phrase.
It is advised that one should use variations in their anchor texts so as to make the back links look natural to Google. If Google sees that all the back links have the same anchor text then it might devalue some links thinking them to be unnatural or paid links. Using variations in the anchor text also increases the chances for ranking for additional keywords.
So make sure that you use an anchor text which at the same time contain your targeted keyword and is compelling enough for the visitors to click on it. Remember, we build back links not only for search engine benefit, but also for traffic, so an anchor text should be keyword rich and smart.
Anchor texts should be specific to an individual page and should be relevant to the page content as well. This relevance helps to increase the trust rank and also the quality score of your linked page.

5. Classified Ads :- Classified ads are the most Popular sites that include the vast range of topics or categories listed in them and public used to post their theme relevant Ads here.
They helps to achieve huge amount of traffic towards your site.

These are the few examples of the Classified ads Site's. And you can Post Free of Cost here.

6. Discussion Forums:- Where Public used to come with their variety of Problems ad used to discuss here for finding appropriate help.

SEOCHAT is one of the most informative and useful site available to get vast knowledge and to achieve success.
In Discussion Forums you can put link to your site under the Signatures that will be posted(at the end of the post) each time you will participate in any discussion .
As these Forums keeps on getting new content every day by thousand of people as they submit their queries these forums keeps on crawling frequently by Search Engines so if you have placed a link to your site under your signatures that will also be get crawled each time and will help in Better SERPs.

7. Advertisement in Social Media and Big Business Portals:- Getting Advertise your business in major business and shopping portals also helps to achieve popularity.
Social Networking sites also plays the same role. Page Rank: 8 is a good site for news article marketing. We can upload videos and podcasts. For working with this site we have to create an account. After creating account we will have to submit URL of our blog website along with user name password. After submitting required information we can start uploading news article, videos and pod casts. We can get good traffic for the site Page Rank: 7
Squidoo is good site for making free blog. We can publish our articles in blogs that will link to our site. We can get traffic from this site. Our websites page rank will also be affected in some positive manner as squidoo's page rank is good. Page Rank: 5, a good site here you can easily publish information on a topic you love to write about. Some good topics are Business, Supports, technology, travel etc. Page Rank: 7 is a social networking site. From following features we can have benefits:

  • Create blog posts with photos, files, and moods.
  • Manage blog posts and moderate comments.
  • Choose the option to publish in the future.
  • Members can customize their own pages.
  • A profile question section where you write the questions.
  • A member "chatterwall" for others to leave chatters.
  • Option to add widgets to profile page.
  • Member photos and videos. Page Rank: 7, allow us to make Free blog to publish our own articles that link with our site. Page Rank: 7
The site allow us to publish articles. After having an account we can publish articles. Page Rank: 5
The site allows us for publish press releases and article. Basically it is a community site; we can share our views with others.

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